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Rooted Realm Architects

Rooted Realm Architects embraces the essence of human connection and personal heritage. Specializing in human-scaled architectural and interior spaces, we create designs that resonate with clients' identities and values. Our approach blends modern aesthetics with rooted memories and ideologies, incorporating greenery, daylight, and ventilation for harmonious living and working environments. From residences to small-scale offices, our passion lies in crafting meaningful spaces that reflect each individual's unique vision and story. Welcome to a world where design captures rooted memories and ideas.

My name is Ramya R Joshi

Hello, I'm Ramya R Joshi, the Founder of Rooted Realm Architects. With 2+ years of experience in the architecture industry, I am deeply passionate about specializing in human-scaled architectural and interior spaces. My work is driven by a strong desire to create designs that capture the rooted memories and ideologies of my clients, infusing their spaces with a sense of personal heritage.

Beyond architecture, I find immense joy in photography, sketching, reading, and writing. My fascination with mythological stories and historical novels fuels my creativity, and I love to sketch captivating scenes from these tales. Bird photography is also a cherished hobby that allows me to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty.

With a rich background in architecture and a commitment to blending creativity with a personal touch, I aspire to craft meaningful environments that resonate with people and enrich their lives. Welcome to Rooted Realm Architects, where my vision is to shape spaces that celebrate your individuality and create a lasting bond with your roots.

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Our Design Approach

Our design approach is rooted in understanding the unique memories, ideologies, and personal heritage of each client. We believe in creating spaces that resonate with their identity and values, ensuring a strong sense of connection and belonging.

Throughout the design process, we prioritize attention to detail and collaborate closely with our clients to craft thoughtful and personalized designs. While we do not directly engage in project execution, we work hand in hand with trusted contractors and suppliers, ensuring the vision is carried out with precision and excellence.

From concept development to material selection and coordination, our goal is to blend modern design with personal heritage, bringing in elements of greenery, ample daylight, and ventilation to create grounded and harmonious environments.

Whether it's a new home or a small-scale office, our passion lies in delivering designs that enrich lives and celebrate the essence of each individual's roots.

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